Do you feel tired & unmotivated? This can help.

Then maybe your house needs a cleanse. Not a clean – but a cleanse! Energy gathers and stagnates, and just like dirty dishes gathering in your sink, it can impact your mood, energy levels and even your health.

How to tell if your home needs a cleanse?

If you’re reading this, then it does. I answer in that way because everyone’s home needs a cleanse and most poeple, even if they do it every now and then, are still not cleansing enough. I cleanse my home everyday, and even more if I’m doing healing, meditation or therapy work. It doesn’t need to be a big process and once you feel the difference, you’ll treat it like having your daily shower.

Other indicators:

Other indicators that your house needs a cleanse is if you notice you feel lazy, tired or agitated when you’re at home. If you notice you’re getting into arguments with people whom you don’t ordinarily have conflict with. If you get a bad feeling at home. If you feel sad or any other noticable emotion that often comes on when you’re at home.

You can also do a pre-emtive strike. You don’t have to wait til you notice your mood change, you should cleanse your space if you’ve had someone over who was emotional, angry or upset, or if you’ve been doing healing, psychic or spiritual work.

My practice is a big cleanse of the entire house once a week, and a smaller cleanse of certain rooms that I use each day.

How do you cleanse and clear your house?

There are many ways to do an energy clearing in your home, but the method top of my list is burning sage. Often known as burning sage, smudging, how to, house clearing, clear energy, cleansesmudging.

You can buy dried white sage from your local mystic or crystal shop, or you can also buy it online. When you’ve got it in your hot little hands, then break off a few leaves and put them into a shell or small dish – this helps you be able to burn it and helps it smoke effectively. Light the crumbled dried leaves and blow on them if necessary to get the smoke going. Then walk around the room or your whole house, encouraging the smoke to drift into corners, and even in cupboards and under beds.

As you smudge your house you will also be cleansing your own energy in the smoke. Take note of how you feel before, during and after smudging your home.

Another way to clear the energy of your home is by using sound. If you have a tibetan singing bowl or a crystal singing bowl then your job is basically done for you. Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls emit a vibration and resonance into your space which clears lower vibrations and raises the energy in the room to the level that you’re producing. Other ways to clear using sound is through chanting or singing.

You can also use incense, palo santo sticks, candles, drumming, or burning oils to clear your space, and even opening up all of the windows on a windy day will help give your room an energetic rinse.

Another method I love is calling in the Angels, and ask for their loving assistance in clearing the room / house. They will raise the vibration for you and usually you’ll notice your own mood almost instantly improving.

Give one or more of these methods a go and take note of anything you feel or experience throughout the clearing, as well as afterwards. Often you’ll even receive comments from people you have over, saying how nice your house feels. But overall, cleansing is important for you. Taking care of my energy and the energy of my home plays an important role in my self-care practices. It is an act of self-love and a gift you can offer yourself daily.

Have you had experiences with cleansing and clearing your home?


One thought on “Do you feel tired & unmotivated? This can help.

  1. It most certainly was good timing. I’m about to visit a house that has been going through much emotional upheaval, a healing phase for its owner. I shall arm myself with much love and spread it to those corners, cupboards and cats and set them free from what went before to a new path towards what will be.
    Thank you for being here kind lady, so that I can be there ❤

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