Can you be spiritual at work?

The answer is yes, but you have to let a lot of bullshit go. You have to have a short memory.

I once worked with a guy who also worked as a prison guard. He said the secret to working in that kind of environment was that everyday the slate was wiped clean. No matter what a guy had done the day before, the next morning all the men started out the same in his eyes. A new day, a fresh start.

That even meant giving a guy a fresh start after he’d hit him. The next day his face still donned the bruises but he said good morning when he saw him, just the same as he did to the guy before him and the guy after him.

You’re not getting punched at work, but there can be a lot of bullshit that goes on in a workplace and it’s your job – as a spiritual person – to let it go.

Being spiritual or enlightened – or ‘woke’ as the millennials seem to want to call it – is a lot less about doing than people realise. Mostly it’s about what you don’t do.

You don’t react.

You don’t change – consistency is a toughy, but it’s super important. (I think this point – about not changing – is too big to just drop into this article – but I’m going to leave it there anyway. I’ll come back to it in another post).

You stay the same, maintaining your connection to god, to truth, no matter what people do or say. Even, no matter what you do or say.

Sometimes you’re going to react and that’s okay.

Sometimes you’re going to be the one creating the bullshit. And that’s okay.

The next day you walk in and all has been cleared. The sun is shining, and if you let enough go, the sun will be shining with you where ever you walk, no matter what has gone on the day before.

You will be the sun warming rooms, usually without even knowing it.

Be the sun. We all need a little more light and your job starts right now in your current workplace. Not the ‘spiritual’ type job you’re dreaming about doing. It is right now, your real job has already begun. You don’t need to change any of your current circumstances to accept this role of lightworker. You don’t need to be a reiki practitioner or healer to be a true lightworker. Accept your role right now, with your life exactly as it is.

Be the sun.

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