My Spirit Guide meditation experience

I did a mediation tonight with the intention of the meditation being to connect in with a spirit guide. I’m not actively working with a guide at the moment and I thought this meditation might help me reconnect in some way. I didn’t over think it or really hold out any hope of connecting in with a specific guide, but I kind of knew the meditation would make me feel good anyway.

I felt calm and peaceful energy wash over me quite quickly. Like I was slipping back into a familiar space and it was comforting.

It was a guided meditation and we journeyed up high away from the house and up into the glowing whiteness of the clouds. Soon we moved into a magical land hidden above the clouds and to a ‘meeting place’. The energy felt different and special. As guided, I sat down next to a burning fireplace in the woods. I watched the flames dancing and the smoke rising up like a signal.

Soon I was encouraged to invite in a guide of high and positive energy, a loving being who wanted the best for me. I was surprised when a small smile started to creep in on my face, I was grinning as I could feel the presence of a being! A being with large energy reaching out to me. I was surprised because I hadn’t really held out that much hope of connecting in, possibly because I haven’t been doing too much ‘spiritual work’ for some time.

When I turned around I could see a hovering green light being, it was beautiful and flowing and motioned toward me. I stood up (in my mind’s eye) and moved toward it. I got it’s name was Eli and when asked why it had come to me today, it responded quickly and clearly and said ‘I am here to remove the blocks’ I gave Eli permission to get to work and I saw a crystalline tube being placed down through my crown chakra and right down through my body.

It was like a vacuum that started sucking up grotty dirty much. It sucked it up and out of me, and then once it was fairly clear (although I got the sense there was still more work to do with the blocks) it started pouring golden light down into me through the tube.

It felt wonderful. We conversed a little as I asked more about what he was here to do. He responded saying ‘I’m here to help guide you back to your path’. I could see the imagery matching the words, and it was like I was out in the darkness and stuck in some woven vines, and now I was being led back to a path.

I asked about what I’ve been doing or about my current state, and I was shown myself rigid and almost stuck inside a box. The box was dark and there was only a slit of light coming through in the front. Eli said ‘you are all closed down, almost all of the doors which connect you have been closed and you are peering through the only door open’.

I could sense there was more to be done but also that I had experienced a big clearing out. I started to ‘come back’ and out of the meditation and I felt excited about life. I felt as though an energetic arm had reached out from the spirit realm and was guiding me to connect with it.

I don’t fully understand how or why I’d shut down so much but it was like an opening had appeared to a secret world and tonight I’d taken it.

I also knew that it wouldn’t be very long before I’d be back again.

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