Angels Help at Work

The other day I was having trouble at work, nothing major but I’d been feeling stuck and unsure of my next steps. I’d felt frozen and self-doubt was growing within me.

I decided to ask for help, and not from my manager or someone at work, but from the angels. I sat staring at my computer screen yet focusing on my breath. I inhaled deeply into my heart and then I asked for a loving angel that could help me to step forward.

I felt a big presence – sort of like the feeling when someone walks up behind you or is standing next to you. I didn’t call in any angel in particular however I felt strongly it was Archangel Gabriel who appeared. I thanked AA Gabriel for coming and asked for help with my work. (The trick is to go with any hunches, thoughts, inclinations without questioning them. Assume that is what’s going on, and more will come. The feelings get stronger as soon as we acknowledge them).

The next few hours were incredible. Ideas were popping up in my head and I had the confidence and inclination to act on them. The next day I’d received such positive feedback from the people involved in the work I’d been inspired to do. It’s like I’d shifted into another gear. There was no self-doubt, no pausing or questioning myself or what I was about to do. I actually felt exhilarated by my work and each task I was doing.

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After this incredible experience I researched more about AA Gabriel online and a lot of information talks about her being the angel for careers and communication.

There was even an article that stated AA Gabriel can help: “to find motivation and confidence, and to market their skills. She also assists in overcoming issues of fear and procrastination in communication.”

Now each day when I get to work (or on the journey to work) I call on AA Gabriel and request help for the day.

Angels are the best mentors ever – they can see the bigger picture, and help us perform at our best. All they require though, is for us to ask for their help.

We have to call on them. 

I’m incredibly grateful that I did, and I will certainly continue to do so.

If you’d like to call on angels to help you with your vocation, then here’s an invocation you can try;

Breathe into your heart three times, then say

I call on my loving, divine angels, who guide and support me. 

Please step forward and help me to feel your presence. 

Thank you for being there for me. 

I ask for your help and assistance with my work. I want to do well and help/reach or connect with as many people as possible and I’d love your divine assistance in doing so. 

Please help me to feel more confidence in my abilities, and to act on the next right steps.

I open my mind and heart to receive your guidance. 

Thank you with all my heart. 

Then just sit and breathe for a few moments. Go back about your day, almost forgetting about the request for divine assistance that you’ve put out there. At the end of the day reflect on how things might’ve changed after your spiritual call. What did you notice? How did you feel? What’s different?

Have you had experiences with calling on the angels to help you out at work? 






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