Insights from a diminishing veil

I had an awakening experience the other morning. I’ll explain more about that later but since it I’ve been experiencing the veil thinning and I’ve been connecting into my ancestors who have passed over. I can see them all around me. It’s not the same as physical vision of a 3D person, it’s as if the air has become water and the water forms shapes of a being or person, like they’re made out of water and still translucent.

What is the reason for the thinning of the veil? I get a sense it’s so I can be more of a force of love in the lives of people around me. So I can demonstrate true unlimited love and acceptance, so that people may experience what that’s like and then do it for themselves.

When you’re in the midst of real love something magical happens. You’re often not even consciously aware of it at the time, but you feel seen on all levels. You can experience acceptance for all of the parts of you and feel One and part of the whole. This can awaken your own ability to do this for yourself and others.

Who is coming in most strongly? My Grandma and my Uncle Pat. But also Nana is there and my Grandpa. I feel held by the other side which is hugely comforting. My knowing that we continue on once we leave our body is the strongest it’s ever been. It no longer feels like a thought, it has transcended into knowing.

What is the purpose of all of this? Of life? To come back to love. It appears we have strayed far away but in reality – true reality – we have not gone anywhere, we have not strayed at all. It is all manufactured from our warped perception.

Our compass sits in our heart and our ability to connect into the feeling of love or oneness. The deepest understanding and compassion for everyone and everything, that is the pathway.

How can you experience that kind of love or unlimited compassion? An easy technique that anyone can do anytime, that gets stronger and easier with practice, is to breath with your heart. Put your attention onto your heart in your chest – the heart energy centre and the intelligence of your heart. Keep your focus on your heart and breathe deeply, imagining your breath is penetrating deeply into your heart. It fills it up and as you breathe out the breath releases straight out of your heart. Maybe flowing straight out the front of your chest, or rising up. Whatever you see, sense, feel or imagine is perfect. Imagine you can breathe directly into your heart through the front of your chest. In and out, in and out. Your heart grows in size with each breath. It is flowing in and out, larger and smaller. It is fluid.

The more you do Heart Breathing the more you can play with your imagination. I visualise a garden with a big chair. I see the garden in my chest and I imagine myself dropping down and sitting in the chair. There is beautiful vibrant green grass, there are trees and birds. I can breathe easily and freely there. Sometimes I imagine a second chair. I start by sitting opposite an empty chair and then someone / spirit joins me and sits in the chair with me. This is a good technique for when you want to connect into spirit guides or loved ones who have passed.

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