Energy Healing – a Practitioners view

I’ve had a long journey with energy healing, starting out with not believing in it, and then believing in it but not believing I could do it…. And then moving into total love and surrender to a beautiful healing art.

I love to give energy healing sessions and I love to teach people how to do energy healing with others.

Everyone can do it. That’s right – you can too. 

However it’s more like a sport, a new language or exercise. The more you practice the better you get! The more tangible it becomes. Not everyone can feel it when they first start out.

You often hear about people’s incredible energy healing experiences where they see energy physically with their eyes open, right out of the gates they’re gushing over the powerful energy they can feel – but it’s not like that for everyone.

Some people experience a slow and subtle start to working with energy. But it doesn’t mean that nothing is happening, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t do ‘it’.

I couldn’t feel anything when I started out. Upon reflection, I think my mind was blocking it, my thoughts were so loud in my head they absorbed most of my attention. It was hard to focus on anything else, let alone to become aware of super subtle magnetic forces.

No-one is wrong, everyone is right.

There are a million different ways of doing energy healing, and everyone is right in their interpretation and approach. You might also change how you do it the longer you’ve been doing it for.

It’ll get weird and wacky, that’s for sure! 

One of the most powerful experiences I’ve had happened a few years into my healing work. I was working with a lady facilitating an energy healing session. It was the first time I’d worked with her. The session was completely silent once the energy healing portion began.

I saw her (in my mind’s eye) with charred and blackened remnants of wings. Like she’d had angel wings but they’d been burned in a fire.

I heard a voice in my head that said work on the wings

I spent the entire session running my hands over and through her wings, or the charred remains anyway. Little by little they grew, they became white again, and they started to expand. I could feel AA Michael with me. I didn’t ever move from sending healing energy to the one spot. I just ‘worked on her wings’ for the entire session.

At the end of the session she told me she wanted to talk about something but was too embarrassed. I encouraged her and told her she was in a safe space. At this point I hadn’t let her know my experience of the energy healing.

She quietly said, I felt like I grew wings during that experience. I can feel them now, See the source imagemoving on my back. I can make them expand! Then she asked me if she was going crazy!

It was incredibly beautiful for both of us.

A lesson for all of us

None of this would’ve happened if I hadn’t let in the small nudges from my intuition, and if I hadn’t allowed in the images occurring in my mind’s eye.

We all have our different ways of connecting in and experiencing energy, and I urge you to give it a go if you have an inclination toward it. It really can be the most transformational therapy, helping us to release emotions and stagnant unhelpful energy.

And ultimately it is incredibly sacred and beautiful to sit before someone sending them healing loving energy. Being there for them. Helping them to feel seen, heard and loved.

Helping them understand someone is there for them.

I’d love to hear your energy healing experiences!

Please share 🙂



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