Inspiration for Healers & Lightworkers

Words from the divine Eileen Caddy:

The best way to bring love and prosperity into your life is to bless everything and give thanks for every increase which comes your way, as a gift from Me.

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As you learn to bless and give thanks for everything, you are actually putting into practice one of the great laws of prosperity and plenty, for with love and blessings comes increase.

You have seen a child expand and grow in beauty and wisdom, when love and blessings are poured upon it.

You have felt yourself respond when love and blessings are poured down upon you. Now go and do likewise, to everyone you contact.

You will find the more you do it, the easier it becomes, and the more easily you can open your heart, until love and blessings flow from you all the time, and the very joy of living is bubbling over in you out into the world.


The last line is my favourite, and what I’ve been experiencing more and more of lately.

It’s for all, to sink into the love and joy of living Eileen talks about. To let go of past grievances, even the grievances of the world, and fall into love. For love is our true healer, the healer of the mind for which the body can follow.

The more we shower ourselves and others with love, the more we shall all expand, birthing even more love into the world, and dissolving that which is not love without ever needing to focus on it. 

I see in beautiful lightworkers who are trying to help people and the planet however they hold a deep (often subconscious belief) that they don’t have anything to offer. They believe they’re not enough and unworthy of being a ‘helper’.

However, the easiest way to start to see that you do have a lot to offer is to share it anyway. Start teaching and sharing with others something that you are learning.

Share love (kindness, encouragement, a smile, a compliment, patience) with everyone and everywhere you go. Live in love.

You’ll find it’ll start expanding exponentially, and you’ll grow quickly into the divine being you were longing to be (and thinking you weren’t). Give yourself permission to go forth and teach. You don’t have to wait until you’re perfect or you’re ‘fixed’, because that time will never come – well not in the way you might want it.

In truth, that time has already come, and it never wasn’t there in the first place.

You are enough right now, you have everything within you and the only way you’ll discover that for yourself, is to go about sharing it with others. Share your interest in energy healing, share your love of channelling, share your listening ear, share, share, share. Don’t wait til you’re an expert, or til you feel accomplished enough. Most people never feel that way, and then years go by sitting in the numbness of not feeling quite ready yet.

Step out of numbness, pause and self-doubt.

You are enough. You have everything, and sharing will help you begin to see that too.

Teaching and healing are all forms of being in love and sharing our vibration of love, thus getting to know it and understand it more in the process.

Share love.





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